A Promise Kept in Sierra Leone.

Many have asked me why I choose to do what I do, why a Bible Bishop, why Africa, why Sierra Leone...I did not choose this path, I was chosen. A Chosen Child of Destiny - A Chosen Son of Destiny. 

My destiny was inevitable - fate if you will. I am to do what God has chosen me to do.I have had many blessings in my life and one of these was to be adopted (chosen) by my mother, Bertha M. Brown, fondly known in Africa as Nana Akosua Fosua Aduanwoma.

On an early trip to Ghana together in 1996, she made me promise to "Not forget the children." This has been a promise I must keep. 

It is a driving force within me.I know she is proud and rejoicing about our plans for Sierra Leone's children and I selfishly wish she would be able to witness this with me.

In September 2001, Bertha M. Brown - Nana Akosua Fosua Aduanwoma died while I was on a five country tour in Africa. They were not able to reach me until the day of her funeral while entering Ghana.

By the time I got home to Illinois, she had been dead for 10 days. At her gravesite all I could do was cry, so I took off my International Gold Bishop Cross that I was wearing and stuck it deep in the soil of her grave. 

She taught me many things but most importantly about unconditional love.God continues teaching me to love. I am only one man that God has chosen to show love to many for which I am thankful. 

The signing of the MOU’s with the government of Sierra Leone is in many ways closure for me. I am keeping my promise to my mother to "Not forget the children." It is also just the beginning...because I have been chosen.

"Do not forget the children." Nana Akosua Fosua Aduanwoma (my mother)

In Honor of my mother, Bertha M. Brown (Nana Akosua Fosua Aduanwoma of Taniso-Techiman, Ghana)


Never in the history of Sierra Leone has one company been trusted with contracts and full concessions in 190 Chiefdom, in 16 Districts, 

to help improve the living conditions of our people through the areas of agriculture and mining with the American Farmers

and their partners and in that of strengthening cooperation between Sierra Leone and the United States of America.

Motto: Shovel in the Ground for working together works.



The agriculture project's mission is to promote Sierra Leone's economic growth, trade and competition in the global economy, enhance agricultural productivity and end hunger,

improve Sierra Leone's rural infrastructure, improve overall nutrition and health of those in target areas, increase household incomes and reduce poverty, support

education and develop human capacity to participate in, contribute to, and derive benefits from the economy and society, with jobs for the Ex-Service Men.