Bishop's Thoughts In 2002 - 2020 in Sierra Leone

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16 "Children (District)"



September, 2002, July, 2011 & January, 2020

A promise made from the heart is a promise kept within the heart, no matter how many you make. Only God can release you from it with peace for whatever reason it may be that you can't keep that promise made.

Over the years have come many hardships protecting the two promises God allowed me to make, one in Ghana to my Mother, "do not forget the children" and one in Sierra Leone to Chairman Soloko,"I am the one that God has sent". God chose me to help Sierra Leone. I am not for sale - you can't buy me for I have already been bought by the blood of Jesus. I am a Bible Bishop from God, not one made by man or because of men.

The five who sold me out at the contract signing in Sierra Leone ended up losing everything because it was God they sold out, not Bishop Lockhart. As my loving wife Iris always says "God does not like ugly."

Within the promise God gave me three special women. My wife of 41 years - Iris, Mrs. Terry and her family, and Mrs. Loretta and her family. Through all my hardship they never abandoned me in the promise made, but stood strong with me even unto this day.

God showed me what my Mother meant when she said, "Do not forget the Children." When you look at a family household in Africa you have the Grandmother-Grandfather-Husband-Wife-their children-and some family members all living together. Within this household let's focus on the children. If i put together a plan for the next 21 years to see to it these children have what they need to grow up safe and healthy, I must also make sure the others in that household have what they need to take care of themselves in order to care for the children.

I believe G's is like a good man, who has found a good woman (Sierra Leone) with 16 children (District). This good woman (Sierra Leone) lost her husband and everything else in an eleven year long war in her country, Sierra Leone. They fell in love and she became G's -Sierra Leone. He loved all of her 16 children (District). God gave him a plan to care for these 16 children (District) and by the will of God in him he called it G's 21-year Agricultural Expansion and Economic Development Strategy and Enhancing the Contribution of Mining for Economic & Social Prosperity for Sierra Leone with its USA International Farm Initiative and its many Partners.


The names of G's - Sierra Leone's 16 children (District) are: Falaba, Karene, Bo, Bonthe, Moyamba, Pujehun, Kenema, Kono, Kailahun, Bombali, Koinadugo, Tonkolili, Port Loko, Kambia, Western Rural and Western Urban (the Districts). Between them they have 190 grandchildren (the Chiefdoms).

I have seen with my own eyes the hurt and pain in the eyes of a great people and I say to myself, "Bishop - Why cry now when you can make them laugh in the New Direction" which is the "Right Direction"

Bishop William Leon Lockhart

The "New Direction" We Stands Strong

   and Proud in the "Right Direction"!

The New Direction Relax and Clear

your Mind in the "Right Direction"!

Hands of Life moving forward

    in the "Right Direction"!

OH! "WE" are sombody Special now "Because"

      we are going in the "Right Direction"!

Smiles of Life in the Right Direction!


Bishop William. Leon. Lockhart

Hon. P.C. Bai Shebora Komkanda llll

for Lungi, Kaffu Bullom Chiefdom

Port Loko, District




Bishop William. Lockhart. Lockhart

Hon. P.C. Ngevavo Gborgbo II

 for Mandu, Dea and Malema Chiefdoms

Kailahun District, Eastern Province

Sierra Leone, West Africa


G's Motto: Working Together Works! 



G's Motto: Working Together Works! 

G's Motto: Labor and Except!


G's Motto: Shovel in the Ground!