Coalition of Supporters Unions of Africa (COSUA)

April 6, 2010

Dear Bishop Lockhart,

As per my earlier correspondence with you

on G's Victory for Sierra Leone,

I hereby confirms COSUA's support

for the projects herein.

G's Victory 21 year Agricultural Expansion

and Economic Development

Strategy for Sierra Leone, with its

 "USA International Farm Initiative

for Sierra Leone".

COSUA is a Pan-African initiative and support group aimed

at mobilizing supporters of soccer from

the 53 African countries to provide unified support.

The project is also aimed at providing a platform for

harnessing opportunities for building African unity. 

The African Union Commission supports in principle

the efforts of COSUA to mobilize support

and recognizes this effort as a contribution to the

operationalization of the Declaration of the 8th

African Union Assembly, adopted on 30 January 2007, 

on the International Year of African Football.

Our Non-Governmental, Non-Profit Organization operates

under the mandate of the African Union to use sports

to achieve unity, peace and development throughout Africa.

Economically, our concept of putting this huge mass of people

in touch with each other by breaking all the physical

and geographic boundaries, is bound to expand trade

barriers and enhance economic activities of all kinds. 

It is also bound to create a database of real living

Africans that constitutes a veritable captive market

for the business ventures of you and your partners,

not only in Sierra Leone, but throughout

the entire continent of Africa.

COSUA fully supports the USA International Farm Initiative

for the nation o Sierra Leone, which is being implemented

by G's Victory. Certainly, COSUA including its staff

and partners is aware of the long suffering of the

people of Sierra Leone during 11 years of war that

destroyed that nation's agricultural base

and most of its infrastructure including sports.

COSUA is committed to partnering with G's Victory

to support the social and economic reconstruction

of Sierra Leone through all sports and we

stand ready to work with the Sports Ministry.

Thank you for your commitment to Africa and be

assured that we shall remain fully committed to

the success of this partnership with G's Victory.

Founder and President; Sarfo Abebrese

African Union Deputy Chairperson, HE Kwesi Quartey.(right) back COSUA in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia February 12, 2018. Advacate Sarfo Abebrese, Ghana and New York Lawyer. 

COSUA All Sports in Partnership with G's Victory International USA & Sierra Leone and our International Strategic Partners for the next 21 years ,2020 and Beyond.