Only You "Jesus" Unto "God"!!!

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Dr. Derrin Smith, Counselor for Commercial & Economic Affairs, USA Embassy in Sierra Leone.

 And I know by the grace of God someday, she will be lifted
And her sons and daughters will come from afar, to the brightness of her rising.


We prophesy to you, that you will rise,

that you will shine

And the enemies of progress, they shall,

they all shall be destroyed Yeah


The Acting Minister of Trade and Industry Rev. Abraham Jones today received Dr Derrin R. Smith(first person to your left), Counselor for Commercial & Economic Affairs, United States Embassy and entourage.

The meeting discussed the hosting of the 1st International Investment Conference schedule from the 11-14 November 2018 and this conference will host a good number of US Companies.

In his remarks the Acting Minister hearthily welcome the team and described the project as the best project that will give opportunity to strong partnership cooperation with the USA. He further said this will be a face to face interaction with big business tycoons and look forward to the conference.

Mr. David A. M. Senessie (fourth person to your left), Co-Founder and President of G's Victory International Company (SL) Ltd.

We prophesy to you, that you will rise, that you will shine.

 Because of G's Victory International Company (SL) Ltd,

21 year partnerships with Government with the New Direction.

Through the Economic and Commercial Section

within the USA Embassy in Sierra Leone