USA International Farm Initiative in Sierra Leone

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Never in the history of Sierra Leone has one company been trusted with contracts and full concessions in 190 Chiefdom, in 16 Districts, to help improve the living conditions of our people through the areas of agriculture and mining with the American Farmers and their partners and in that of strengthening cooperation between Sierra Leone and the United States of America.Motto: Shovel in the Ground for working together works.



The agriculture project's mission is to promote Sierra Leone's economic growth, trade and competition in the global economy, enhance agricultural productivity and end hunger, improve Sierra Leone's rural infrastructure, improve overall nutrition and health of those in target areas, increase household incomes and reduce poverty, support education and develop human capacity to participate in, contribute to, and derive benefits from the economy and society, with jobs for the Ex-Service Men.



LSAdderson Inc. and Partners with the American Farmers will assist the coordination of the USA International Farm Initiative.  Sponsors and supporters include: the National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges, Alabama A & M University,  Black American Farmers, State Farmers Market, US Congressional Black Caucus, all Sierra Leone line Ministries, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of  Defence, National Council of Paramount Chiefs, the SLPP, Ex-Service Men, and many others.