Did you know that

if the farmers plant 4 bushels

of wheat seed (2 acres),

with seed saving process in place,

that in 4 years they will be

able to plant 1600 acres.

Cost of 4 bushels of

premium seed?

 ... less than $50.00

Pretty good return on investment!

Working together Works for 2020 and Beyond

The New Direction 2020 - 2039 and Beyond!!!

G’s Victory International Company, (SL) Ltd & USA

Kamlock International Company, (SL) & USA

Co-Founder & President,

David A.M. Senessie, Sierra Leone


and Founder & Vice President,

Bishop William L. Lockhart, USA,

signed Five (5) 21 year MOU'S

Regarding G’s Agricultural Expansion and

Economic Development Strategy – Enhancing

the Contribution of Mining for Economic

and Social Development. 

G’s & Kamlock Five (5) 21 year

MOU'S Partnership with

Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Defence,

National Council of Paramount Chiefs

and Official Letter of Intent with

the Ministry of Trade and Industry.