Special Projects In The New Direction!

A New Home for Children in Need

There are many children in Sierra Leone who, through numerous factors, have been orphaned, abandoned,

or separated from their families.

It is estimated that there are more than 340,000 orphans in the country.

3750 of these children lost their legs or arms during the war.

G's was partnering with Nationwide Equipment to create the Sierra Leone Orphanage Centre at Rokupr Wosie, 

Northern Region. 

This 25-acre campus will include a health care center with 5 beds,

an education and training center and a community primary school as well as the orphanage.

The orphanage will initially have capacity for 50 children with a staff of 10 caregivers and workers.

The training center will offer the community life-skills training such as tailoring, 

computers and farm management. 

The primary school will host six classrooms with a capacity to serve approximately 100 students.


The Green Revolution

Sierra Leone's natural wealth in gold, diamonds and other minerals is well known

and an important part of the rebuilding of the country

but has not come without a high price tag in terms of corruption.

As a member of ADAGMAK, 

a community based organization dedicated to support

and advocate for the rights of indigenous diamond miners


and dealers, G's & Partner's is committed to eliminating child miners

from the mining industry and providing a better education.

ADAGMAK has had great success in showing that the alluvial

diamond industry can work in the Kono Community.

G's & Partner's is committed to restoring mining land back

to fertile farmland on their sites in Kono. 

The many acres of alluvial pit mines

can be filled and farmed successfully.

G's & Partner's has named this project,


with hope that it will be a model for other foreign investors.