Agriculture Expansion

and Economic Development Strategy 

The G's organization has a MOU (June, 2011) established with

the National Council of Paramount Chiefs, 190 Chiefdom.

This MOU provide G's with full concession to available natural resources

to plan and initiate socio-economic subjects and

markets in the area of: import/export; education and training;

business development/finance; agricultural expansion

and development; light facilities construction; environmental security/bio-medical;

information technology/power development;

mining. This MOU is for 21 years.

G's will use its diamond, gold and mining concession contract, with 30% of

the net profit going back into the Chiefdom District Province using the

African Group Opportunity Act (AGOA), Free Trade Zone, the USAID initiative, 

the Peace Diamond Alliance. G's is in full compliance with the Kimberly Process. 

This net profit is for the development of oil palm plantation, agriculture,

swamp rice cultivation and other rice cultivation, maize

and potato cultivation, livestock husbandry and community

development. Farming and business training

and other training programs will be

provided through American farmers and their many partners.

G's USA International Farm Initiative will provide a new market

for African American and American farmers and their

many partners in Sierra Leone. The USA International

Farm Initiative will allow them to utilize their skills

and expertise in a training capacity and will help

cultivate new business opportunities in Africa for the

US farmers, meeting the Congressional Black Caucus

 (CBC) MANDATE FOR AFRICA. The USA International

Farm Initiative is in line with President Barack Obama's

inaugural address on January 20, 2009, as stated

"to the people of poor nations, we pledge to work alongside

you to make your farms flourish and let clean waters

flow - to nourish starved bodies and feed hungry minds."


From the desk of the President.

G's International Company (SL) Limited is a profit making organization, 

dedicated to working together that works by having shovel in the ground

with all interested parties into the process that will address

the re-construction and beneficial development impact

of Sierra Leone, in a comprehensive way by using the in ground

minerals turning them into cash that put the economy

once more into the hands of Sierra Leonean.

David A. M. Senessie


Mr. David A.M. Senessie (BBA Hons, MBA Fin Magt, FIPFM UK), G's Co-Founder & President, Sierra Leone