Welcome to the G’s Organization and its Partner's!

G’s Victory International Company, (SL) LTD. Sierra Leone, form the G’s Organization.

G’s was started out of a desire to assist in the complex task of reconstruction and rebuilding of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

Established in 2010, 

G’s has quietly been developing strategies and aligning resources to support our AGRICULTURAL EXPANSION AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY for the Republic of Sierra Leone. 

Our strategy was born from a balance of both thoughtful processes and intuitive feelings formed around public and private concerns based on significant review of foreign and domestic interactions and with tribal and national considerations at the forefront.

It is based on our team's strategies and tactical review of Sierra Leone's resources. 

We are confident in our approach because it is based upon our team's personal knowledge from living in Sierra Leone as well as a careful and comprehensive analysis of Sierra Leone's present economic and social conditions as well as the concerns of the national and tribal governments. 

Our strategy aligns with President Barack Obama's inaugural pledge to Africa to "work alongside you to make your farms flourish and let clean waters flow".

Our initial project, the USA International Farm Initiative, the Lungi Project will allow G’s & Partner's to showcase many of the aspects of the overall initiative that will be replicated throughout 190 Chiefdoms and 16 Districts, plus Freetown and Waterloo.

Since 2003 our strategy has been strongly supported by leaders from Sierra Leone and the United States. Supporters include: The Congressional Black Caucus, 

The Late Chair Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, Chair, 

CBC. (USA) since December 17, 2003 - 2019 and beyond; all Sierra Leone Line Ministries; the Sierra Leone SLPP; Armed Forces - Sierra Leone; Embassy of Sierra Leone;

National Association of Farmers of Sierra Leone; Alluvial Diamond Miners Association; Sierra Leone Council of Paramount Chiefs; and others.


Working with the United States Embassy

in Sierra Leone in 2021 - 2039!!!

G's Victory & Kamlock International projects

within its five (5) 21 year MOU's

with the Sierra Leone government

will be working with the, 

Commercial & Economic Affairs, 

Embassy of the United States

of America in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

G'Victory projects with is in line with the

 "Prophecy 2009 and 2010


God has answered the prayers

and fasting of the people of

Sierra Leone!

Public Relations

Evangelist James Oliver Johnson, Jr. retail manager with over

16 years of

progressively responsible operations leadership roles. 

Experience in specialty and big box retailing. Reputation

for increasing talent, sales, profitability and brand.

Active community leader and volunteer. Assistant Pastor,

Evangelist and Youth Pastor.